Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hi There

I'm currently just sitting here waiting for Mr. Comcast Man to come install phone service... Why do they always seem to take forever to come? Anyway, I guess its the perfect time to blog. We came back home from my parents house on Sunday. It was a nice much needed break from being snowed in, although we were still kind of snowed in there. Luckily my dad claims to be an "expert driver" and took me everywhere I wanted to go!

Christmas was great... a lot of our gifts we had to leave back at home because we didn't want to lug everything around with us to our parents. Hubby and I did some present opening on the Monday before Christmas to get some of the gifts out of the way and the rest were of course opened on Christmas Day.

For Christmas I got:

White iPhone 3G
Coach Purse
Juicy Perfume
Coach Wallet
Tokidoki Messanger Bag
Makeup from Sephora
Tokidoki Journal
Wii Games
Polaroid Film

I probably forgot some things but I must say it was an awesome Christmas. Hubby managed to remember everything I wanted and even got me some fun surprises. The Tokidoki bag is the perfect laptop bag and I just love it... We both got new iPhones so Xavier was happy to take our old iPhones... He currently is walking around with both of them. I think Xaviers favorite gift had to be all his new toys or his DJ set... wait no, maybe the new LCD TV his grandparents got him along with DVD player for his Blues Clues DVDs that he is in love with....

Anyway we all feel so blessed this holiday. I was so worried we would be snowed in but luckily we left just before the next storm rolled through! Now back to waiting for the Comcast Man...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We made it...

Its snowed a lot here... and sometime yesterday we decided to book it home for the holidays... we figured that the weather man "says" it will snow again before christmas and why be stuck without family... But wow its a lot worse where my parents live! Their entire neighborhood is covered in ice and there is over a foot of snow! More to come from what I hear but lets hope it melts.

Pretty much just relaxed today.. made some sugar cookies with my baby brother and Xavier decorated some of his own for Santa! So cute =) Speaking of Xavi he manged to wake up with a puffy eye yeserday morning and today its a black eye... it looks like its getting better though... poor baby...

And I leave you with a picture of me.... 25 weeks preggers i dont know if you can really see it in the picture but thats as good as it gets for now!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And I still suck at blogging....

Nothing too much to share but I thought I would take some time to blog...

I am officially 24 weeks and kicking with the pregnancy... its horrible that I have not taken a belly picture through this pregnancy. I for some reason feel more fat then pregnant and am waiting for the moment where it just hits me. Honestly I am taking things slow and totally am not in a rush for this pregnancy to be over. I am just trying to enjoy Xavier being my only child for now =).

So I have sucked at scrapbooking and/or keeping up with the journal I wanted to do something a little different for the new year so I got this on ebay.

Its the Fuji Instax Mini 25.... it takes cute little wallet size Polaroids... Perfect for keeping memories over the new year.Plus they have hello kitty film!!! How can you go wrong with HK??? Although, I do have all men in my life (Xavier, Brandon, and Baby in Belly) so HK probably won't be used as much.... AND they have little mini albums too that fit in the little photos... Perfect.... I guess with not having a lot of time to do other journaling to keep memories this will be just right...

Other then that it has been very cold, icy, and snowy here lately... Oddly enough it snowed everywhere but out little city today... it was like we just got missed which is fine...

Hopefully next time I blog I will have something a little more interesting to share!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rather not....

This week has been pretty interesting... A lot going on, a lot to be upset about, but for the most part a lot that makes you appreciate. Other then that I spent the weekend, correction part of the weekend with my family. Xavier saw the Grinch and the Cat in the Hat I think it was at the BX. For one I was upset because I of course didn't have a camera on me. Well, I lie, I had my iPhone but that camera sucks! We tried to get him to go over by the Grinch to take a picture and he simply said "Oh No No No". Very cute and funny but my mom had to get in the picture to get him to take it.
You know iPhone pictures arent bad when you are outside with nots of natural light but this wasn't that. Anyway, after that I drove back home and we took Xavier to see Santa. We put on his cute little button up shirt and vest. I knew he wouldnt like Santa... he rather not because they scare him... As soon as he saw old man he freaked out and started crying... $68 dollars later I think I will end up with non refundable pictures of my cute little son crying... they took one other picture where he wasnt looking but honestly I prefer the crying picture! It's funny and I rather pay $68 dollars for something funny and not him looking somewhere else! I am weird yes I know and the proof of that is a picture of him I have hanging on my wall where he is crying his eyes out... Memories =)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I suppose one out of three isnt too bad...

I am dedicating this post to bad hair cuts.... Last week hubby, Xavi, and myself all decided to get our hair cut (Xavier didn't decide he just had to because we said so, besides the kid had a mullet). Anyway, Xavier was a great sport, I really thought he would be screaming! He just sat there in the little car and watched sponge bob as they chomp chomped away... I told the lady just a trim, get the hair out of his eyes and trim the back... Keep in mind some of his hair was to his mouth! I thought she would cut the hair above his eyes but nooooo she cut it stright across like an ugly bang leaving like an inch on the top... he looks like he got an ugly girl haircut... no worries I still love him but am totally hoping it grows a little before Christmas pictures!

That picture isn't of the final result either he just looks cute there, as always! Yea so I got my haircut and totally wanted a change.... i told her shorter but not too short. She cuts my hair pretty darn short, which isnt what bothers me... what bothers me is it has no life just a stright cut across and it looks funny... now i just want my hair to grow back too!!!

In good news hubbies hair looks nice =)