Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rather not....

This week has been pretty interesting... A lot going on, a lot to be upset about, but for the most part a lot that makes you appreciate. Other then that I spent the weekend, correction part of the weekend with my family. Xavier saw the Grinch and the Cat in the Hat I think it was at the BX. For one I was upset because I of course didn't have a camera on me. Well, I lie, I had my iPhone but that camera sucks! We tried to get him to go over by the Grinch to take a picture and he simply said "Oh No No No". Very cute and funny but my mom had to get in the picture to get him to take it.
You know iPhone pictures arent bad when you are outside with nots of natural light but this wasn't that. Anyway, after that I drove back home and we took Xavier to see Santa. We put on his cute little button up shirt and vest. I knew he wouldnt like Santa... he rather not because they scare him... As soon as he saw old man he freaked out and started crying... $68 dollars later I think I will end up with non refundable pictures of my cute little son crying... they took one other picture where he wasnt looking but honestly I prefer the crying picture! It's funny and I rather pay $68 dollars for something funny and not him looking somewhere else! I am weird yes I know and the proof of that is a picture of him I have hanging on my wall where he is crying his eyes out... Memories =)

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tanya_williams said...

Your mom is adorable...she looks like a kid, too!!! X said, "Get that big hairy white guy away from me!". Oh, well...the pics will be fun to show him when he's a teen bringing home girls!