Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I suppose one out of three isnt too bad...

I am dedicating this post to bad hair cuts.... Last week hubby, Xavi, and myself all decided to get our hair cut (Xavier didn't decide he just had to because we said so, besides the kid had a mullet). Anyway, Xavier was a great sport, I really thought he would be screaming! He just sat there in the little car and watched sponge bob as they chomp chomped away... I told the lady just a trim, get the hair out of his eyes and trim the back... Keep in mind some of his hair was to his mouth! I thought she would cut the hair above his eyes but nooooo she cut it stright across like an ugly bang leaving like an inch on the top... he looks like he got an ugly girl haircut... no worries I still love him but am totally hoping it grows a little before Christmas pictures!

That picture isn't of the final result either he just looks cute there, as always! Yea so I got my haircut and totally wanted a change.... i told her shorter but not too short. She cuts my hair pretty darn short, which isnt what bothers me... what bothers me is it has no life just a stright cut across and it looks funny... now i just want my hair to grow back too!!!

In good news hubbies hair looks nice =)

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tanya_williams said...

Awww...I can so identify with the bad hair day. Thank goodness it's not permanent:)