Friday, January 16, 2009


Thought I would do a quick post... its currently 12:57 at night and I just finished my homework... Honestly school is so frustrating and I keep thinking it was my worst mistake (going back). I am taking a storyboarding class where I have to draw, thing is I cant draw... its SO embarrassing being in a class of talented people and being he worst one! I think the frustration plus pregnancy are getting to me with my emotions and all....

Other then that it was hubbys birthday yesterday (or today because I havent slept)... He is the big 2-5 now =) I dont think hes very excited but we went out to dinner and I made him hot wings his favorite...

Now for some random pictures from my Fuji Instax Mini... You have to get one.

Xavier & Mommy
Xavier & Daddy on a snow day...
Xavier and Rody whom he got from Santa
Merry Christmas Love Xavier
Bossy Bear Makes me Happy
Xavier with his little smile...
Happy Birthday Daddy Day...

I am honestly so in LOVE with my Fuji Instax Mini... Its one of my favorite things and I think in 2 weeks I have gone through 5 or 6 packs of film... the pictures look SO much better then polaroids. Brandon actually got me polariod film for xmas and I was super excited. The other day I was taking random pictures with the Fuji and decided to use my polariod and its a huge difference... PS sorry for the finger prints/ dust/ lint on the pictures... super quick scans!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well winter break has been just great... A nice little break from the long 12+ hour days I spend stuck at home with Xavier.... although I love his company it can get lonely... Anyway, tomorrow it goes back to "normal". Hubby gone from 7am-9pm and even earlier or later some days =(... The snow days were nice because they gave hubby extra days off. Speaking of snow in less then an hour tonight the street is covered in it but I hear it will rain soon.

Oh and Happy New Years... My resolutions are to:

  • Spend Money Wisely
  • Have More Patience
I think the money thing is a given but having patience is the big one for me. It will allow me to enjoy every second with my family without getting too frustrated in the bumps along the way. Especially those i cant control....

2009 Brings some big things for us

  • New Baby in March/April
  • Xavier's 2nd Birthday
  • Hubby Reenlisting again =/
I think the baby is the hugest thing or adjustment for our family... I guess thats it for now. I burnt my finger on a pan so typing is pretty painful.