Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hi There

I'm currently just sitting here waiting for Mr. Comcast Man to come install phone service... Why do they always seem to take forever to come? Anyway, I guess its the perfect time to blog. We came back home from my parents house on Sunday. It was a nice much needed break from being snowed in, although we were still kind of snowed in there. Luckily my dad claims to be an "expert driver" and took me everywhere I wanted to go!

Christmas was great... a lot of our gifts we had to leave back at home because we didn't want to lug everything around with us to our parents. Hubby and I did some present opening on the Monday before Christmas to get some of the gifts out of the way and the rest were of course opened on Christmas Day.

For Christmas I got:

White iPhone 3G
Coach Purse
Juicy Perfume
Coach Wallet
Tokidoki Messanger Bag
Makeup from Sephora
Tokidoki Journal
Wii Games
Polaroid Film

I probably forgot some things but I must say it was an awesome Christmas. Hubby managed to remember everything I wanted and even got me some fun surprises. The Tokidoki bag is the perfect laptop bag and I just love it... We both got new iPhones so Xavier was happy to take our old iPhones... He currently is walking around with both of them. I think Xaviers favorite gift had to be all his new toys or his DJ set... wait no, maybe the new LCD TV his grandparents got him along with DVD player for his Blues Clues DVDs that he is in love with....

Anyway we all feel so blessed this holiday. I was so worried we would be snowed in but luckily we left just before the next storm rolled through! Now back to waiting for the Comcast Man...

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Tamara Nicole said...

Sounds like you got spoiled rotten:-). Hope the prego-ness is going well!