Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who needs sleep...

Marc has been kind of difficult latley... He is in this stage where he cries and cries and cries and when you think he is finally asleep you guessed it he cries some more... Its difficult because I have Xavier to take care of as well and I often feel like he may be left out... I remember Xavier was the same way when he was a few weeks old so I am just hoping we get over this and fast!

Its pretty late here... I am just waiting for Marc to wake up from his nap and hoping that after a quick change and feed he will fall asleep so we can sleep... Last night I got maybe 4 hours of sleep. I am exhusted... He stayed awake from around 3am till 7am and I finally got him to sleep in my bed... I know some people think its horrible to do that but sometimes it gets to a point where nothing else works... He looked so cute snuggled up in my bed this morning.

I love my bed so comfy!

I told hubby before Marc was born that I wanted to invest in making my room/ bed extra comfy because I knew we would never sleep so when we did get the chance to rest I wanted to be extra comfortable... Our room is pretty crammed because we are sharing it with Marc until our lease is up next year. At first it bothered me with all the stuff in our room but keeping the furniture and bedding pretty clean and white helped it somehow become more cozy then cluttered. I ordered a green polkadot headboard from walmart a month ago and I love it.. Hubby doesn't care for the pattern but he said it functions great for late night feedings (and from our pillows falling behind the bed)... The quilt I had cutom made from MomNMiaQuilts with fabrics that I had been holding on to. I was way to afraid to mess them up. She did a great job and it was very affordable... I even had a quilt made for Marc.... Speaking of quilts I have been meaning to start a new on I just need to find time...

PS we never got any sleep so I am pretty much exhausted!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Yesterday's weather was perfection... Not too hot, not too cold... I love the days when you can wear a light hoodie and be perfectly comfortable, that's my kind of day. We took the boys to the park to enjoy the weather... And today is supposed to be hotter but we will be stuck inside.

Xavier got a big boy haircut... its crazy how new hair can much such a huge difference... speaking of new hair i got a new mommy haircut and color a week or so again... Love the changes going on... New hair, new family member...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hanging in there...

Marc (Marc-ee) is now a little over a week old and today is a sad day because hubbies leave is now over =( boo... Ten days went by too fast. Luckily they now will be getting off at 3pm on Thursdays, family day! Xavier has been pretty good with the baby... Sometimes when he cries he goes and checks on him. Most the time he just tells the baby "Hi" or knocks on his blanket... I know odd but oh so cute.

I love my boys, they are the best!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Born April 6, 2009
6lbs 8.7oz & 20.5in