Friday, November 28, 2008


Every year for as long as I can remember I ALWAYS tell my parents I am going shopping on Black Friday... I never actually go though, I rather sleep in. Besides it sounds crazy, long lines, crowded stores, people touching me.... ugh! But this year I did it, went to bed early and woke up at 5:30am to head to the mall with my mom and dad. To tell you the truth it wasn't really worth it, waking up early... I order some stuff from VS last night and got the black friday tote bag with goodies. We went to VS and I got a hoodie, body spray, and another free tote... Then to pacsun for my brothers... That was about it for our Black Friday morning... at about 4:30 we headed to the BX (aka base exchange, aafes.... military post shopping) Where all Coach items were 25%, plus no tax on base, plus the coach is already cheaper in the first place... It was crazy, the line to look at the Coach stuff was almost out the door. So we waited an hour and when we got into the Coach section it was crazyness... people had like 10 Coach purses! I wanted to just find one! AND I found herI am so excited because its simple, classic, and dosent look the all the other Coach bags! I also got this wallet... AND this is my new favorite smell!!!Besides that Christmas shopping is pretty much done... I just need to get hubby a few more things and thats about it. We were super excited about Christmas and put up our tree maybe 2 weeks ago! It instantly added some much needed christmas cheer. Xavier also got his first haircut today and I will have to post pictures later...

OH baby is belly is doing well.... still no name from him but soon enough... My brother and sister in law also had a baby last week. A little girl who is TOO cute I swear adorable. She has dark brown hair with blond highlights and like hazel green eyes... oh and beautiful tan skin... I LOVE HER... Xavier is way jealous of her and wants her no where near me! =(

Well hope everyone had a happy holiday!

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tanya_williams said...

More power to you! :) I've been shopping ONE time on Black Friday and vowed never to do it again:) It would have to be something pretty awesome like "Everything in Target is $0.01" or something like that:) Congrats on the score!