Sunday, July 1, 2012

Washi + Silhouette Cameo

This is not my favorite of layouts but I can say I do love the die cut "hello" in it, so much so that I have used it on 3 layouts. I thought I would share how I made this as well as other shapes in my recent layouts. 

I used transparencies, the printable ones. I layered on washi tapes on the rough side of them and then put them in my silhouette to cut. I found that I need to cut on a high setting like 4 or 5 and do a double cut to insure it went through. On some of my shapes I flipped the transparencies, washi side down which gave a more subtle effect. Make sure to clean your blade after using as there were a lot of bits of washi in my blade.

Below are some more examples of what I cut. 

Washi polaroid frames, arrows, stars, and hearts! I am obsessed!

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Sandy Ang said...

Love the Hello title with the washi !