Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quick Post...

The weeks are flying by, but why does it seem like forever until my husband comes home? To be honest, I am having a hard time doing this on my own. I know this is the life of an army wife, I get that. It just is a little different for our family. We have 2 wonderfully amazing boys who need extra love and attention. Without sharing too many details both of our kids are on the autism spectrum. This past year since their diagnosis has really tested my patience. I was never a patient person, I still am not, but I am learning. Anyways, thought I would just share a bit.

Xavier is a little afraid of new things, who isn't? It takes a lot of prepping to encourage him to step outside of his box. We talked a lot about the zoo and riding the carousel leading up to our adventure. I was surprised at how excited and willing he was to try something new. He did amazing and I am so proud. 

It probably looks like all I scrap is Xavier... This is kind of true. Marc moves a little too fast for me to get pictures of him, unless if they are together. They are exact opposites. Xavier is sensitive, takes his time (soooo sloooow), likes to be alone, and is super into learning things. He can tell you all the dinosaurs names, speak some korean, and knows his planets. All these things he learned on his own via iPad. Marc is energetic, loves to clean, hops everywhere, is loud, and loves to be with people. They are both special in their own ways and while their differences make them unique they give mom a hard time =). 

If you read this all the way through thank you. Sometimes I need to vent a bit, but this was a happier venting. AND I know I posted this last time, but if you have a family member on the spectrum check out Sevenly's cause for the week. I can't wait to get my shirt!

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Jennie M said...

many positive thoughts to you :) And, great pages!!