Saturday, February 14, 2009

Not so perfect...

Happy Valentines Day, although its almost over here. Today was a great day... well not so perfect day but nothing to complain about. I woke up this morning to roses, chocolate, and a cute little piece of art from hubby... We also took Xavier to the zoo for the first time. I think he was a little confused and for the most part was just happy to be outside. We stayed for maybe 30mintues. It was cold and I was in pain which figures since I am almost 34 weeks along....

Anyway, I have been totally wanting to do something crafty lately so I thought it would be a good idea to try making Xavier a quilt for his birthday, plenty of time because his birthday isn't until March 30th. The only thing is I know myself, I would probably buy a bunch of fabric but never have all the supplies to finish a quilt... So, I ordered a custom quilt with pretty much everything I needed from etsy seller starlitnest. Shes super helpful and put together a great little kit! So today when I got home I pieced everything together and managed to finish the quilt top. Ok, its not perfect but I am so happy with it so far... why, because I usually give up on things like this... and what do I expect, this is my first time.

Only thing is I dont have a walking foot so I cant finish it anytime soon so maybe next weekend!... Yea, its pretty much as bright and coloful in real life... LOVE... Althought I took this picture in the worst light.

Tomorrow is maternity/ family pictures.... YAY!

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